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Effective June 1, 2013, E*TRADE Servicing Center has transferred a portion of the loans it services to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC. Customers whose loans were transferred to Bayview Loan Servicing were notified in a letter mailed on May 15, 2013. A subsequent letter from Bayview Loan Servicing was mailed on May 24, 2013 providing a summary of the servicing changes, Bayview's contact information, and details on how to make future payments.

If your loan was transferred to Bayview Loan Servicing, your access to the E*TRADE Servicing Center website will be limited to view only (except for updates to mailing address).

If your loan was transferred and you wish to contact Bayview Loan Servicing, please contact them at:

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC
Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 9:00pm ET

If you have any questions regarding your E*TRADE loan, please Contact Us

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